Group for bilingualism and multiculturalism in education and society

POLYsteki STavrodromi EKpedeftikis DimIourgias
(Multipath Crossroad of Educational Creation)

The group and multilingual periodical “Polydromo” proposes ‘POLYdromo STavrodromi EKpedeftikis dImiourgias STavrodromi (=Multipath Crossroad of Educational Creation) (POLY.ST.EK.I), a center (ST.EK.I) for researchers, teachers, parents and children which will be hosting the creativity of all of its members. POLY.ST.EK.I is a place of creative research and dealing with issues of multiculturalism and bi/multilingualism in education and society.

In POLY.ST.EK.I you can attend:

  • Bilingual workshops (focusing on Albanian , Russian, Arabic and Greek as a second language)
  • Research workshops (emphasized in bilingual children's books , educational structures , teaching material and multilingual educational applications)
  • Workshops on issues of language contact, children's literature, creative writing and theatrical pedagogical approach in learning.
  • Open meetings for all members (with a literary , informative, social and multicultural content)
  • Artistic events and food4thought


Ioustinianou 3, 2nd floor, 54631 Thessaloniki
tel. 2310 222191

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