Group for bilingualism and multiculturalism in education and society

Polydromo would happily publish your opinions, ideas, questions, practices but also research findings that relate to issues of bilingualism and the contact of cultures and languages on an educational and a social level.

In order to accommodate a wide range of topics in every issue, we ask for your articles to be brief and to the point, as our reading audience consists of researchers, educators, parents and children who belong to a variety of ethnic communities. Personal or more general papers should not exceed 1000 words, while research papers should be up to 2000 words (including all relative bibliography and any appendixes). The font used is Comic Sans, with single line spacing, font size 9 for the text and 8 for footnotes and bibliography.

Especially for research papers, you should submit an abstract of 300 words, both in Greek and English, so that we can arrange for its translation in the other languages of our periodical (Albanian, Russian etc accordingly) in the event that your paper is reviewed publishable by two members of our scientific committee.

The texts which we receive after the first two months of each year are to be reviewed for publication during the following year.

Please email your texts to polydromo@polydromo.gr

For your references, please follow the examples at the end of this article.

Referencing in the text
(Baker, 2001)

(Barjaba and King, 2005: 13)

Παραδείγματα βιβλιογραφικών παραπομπών


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